Welcome Aboard


More Beer, More Teeth!

Until this morning we were a tall big hairy GM and a short less hairy GM, and now there is an extra short less hairy GM as well. This makes it difficult to describe two of the GMs.

Short Polite GM and Short Non-Client-Facing GM is probably as good as we're getting. The one typing this is the one who plays with social expectations and should not be left alone with machine tools. The other one's polite.


So, Beer With Teeth shares in work and profits according to who puts in what work, designing, GMing, and editing. This gives us more options, as well as more to keep track of. We're probably going to work in pairs more than we work in a group of three, allowing at least one of us to stay naive to any plot, for playtesting purposes.

And I care why?

Did I say I wanted you to? But if you don't look pleased, I'll adjust a few things on these machine tools, and you'll hear the chittering forever.

And more seriously, it'll allow us to put out more work, and do more things, more quickly. So, if those get published, you get the benefit.


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