Not Sian.
"I'm pondering a little whether I should ask you to play a more serious warrior, Jane", said the GM. So we generated one.
Babeester Gori warrior - chunky, and tough. Very tough. Carries a Great Big Axe, and a collection of throwing axes.


Family tree

Youngest daughter of a healer (Kollana Crab-apple) and an Orlanthi adventurer (Filbar the Bald). Her dad tended to go off and fight the Lunars at the slightest opportunity, and her mum would drop the kids with one of her numerous older half-siblings and go with him - sometimes the kids would come too and join in. Gastara's first fight was in the Rebellion, at age 9, being used as a runner and trying to protect her mum. She also followed her parents to Whitewall at age 15, but was sent home in 1620 to look after her mum, while her dad ran supplies around Heortland. In 1622 she was sent to Esrolia, partly to learn How to Do Gor Properly at the Earth temple, partly because it was warmer there. She fought gloriously in the Civil War, protecting Queen Samastina from Red Earth assassins.
1625, took part in the Liberation of Pavis. Met Garrath Sharpsword again, who she'd known earlier in Esrolia (I think?), and acclaimed him (now, like many other people, calling himself "Argrath")1as King of Pavis. And headed home.

Earlier family history

Her dad's parents are both dead. Grandfather Frekor was killed in a feud with another clan in 1597. Grandmother Helgana dyed her hair red and went to deal with the matter: she died as a result in 1604, after a LOT of back-and-forth killings.
Of Mum's parents, Kalf the Rock is still alive, and so are many of her older half-siblings by his first wife (died in childbirth). Grandmother Odruva Many-moods, however, turned Humakti and joined the Household of Death in 1600. Like every other member of that group, oath-bound to defend Sartar to the death, she did just that in 1602. This was before Gastara was born, but she is very proud of her grandmother's memory.

Scenarios she's done

"Purple Gold" along with Rastar and Laika. Ernakt gave her a pair of rather lovely throwing axes for that, and payment for her healing in Clearwine (she's down two points of DEX).

Currently starting ,The Eril plot and very confused.

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