Jon Pol Joni

An Issarian horseman and caravan owner, Jon of the Pol Joni (or Jon Pol Joni, or JPJ, for short) is a handy friend to have around. He has a tendency to reassert Harmony by promptly removing disharmonious elements. Such as, for example, bandits. He doesn't like bandits. Never conflate Harmony with pacifism. Still, if he can negotiate out of a crisis without needing force, he'll take the option.

In the process of purifying a tainted stream for a village, Jon found himself a girlfriend he wasn't expecting: a local river demi-deity (Naiad) by the name of Iyarala. She gave him a shimmering Water rune on his cheek - something utterly new and revelatory to a Praxian used to the arid plains. Jon had the rune made permanent by the village's tattooist. He drops (snork) by occasionally, to renew their affections.


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