Sian Quillsharp

Yay, I created a page! I should probably work out how to put something useful on it.

For the moment, have a link to a family tree

Scenarios she's done

  • "The troll-bashing one with the Telmori"
  • Dark Waters (half-way!)

Other PCs she knows

  • Havna of the Marsh is her cousin
  • Laika
  • Rastar
  • Annelifk

Sian's writings

  • The inspiration for the character, written in 2006 Gloryday
  • Her report on "the troll-bashing one" was delivered to the Wilmskirk library just before the start of "Dark Water"
  • Report on "Dark Water" is underway: the report purely on the Water Quern so far is attached.
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