This website is dedicated to playtests by Beer With Teeth, two people who like writing and running games. The playtests here are not in chronological order of in-character years, and this is not a campaign. However, there may be links between the various characters, games, and combinations of events.

So not a campaign?

No, but there may be individual mini campaigns.

A review site?

Sometimes a bit maybe. Teaching people to play Runequest will probably involve running The Broken Tower a lot. But it's mostly for reviews and playthroughs of the things that Beer With Teeth write.


Massively, but only if you're buying things we've sold. We'll let you know if that happens, but assume that everything we put up here is with the intention of logging, refining, and selling, and we're hoping to be successful in the selling part. If you are intending to play (rather than run) RQG products in the future, know that we might have work up here that will be in there.

Can I just avoid names that I know from books?

Nope. We often have working titles. But when we do have a published name, we'll be sure to be very clear about it.

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